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Animal Man

By Oliver

On Tuesday 28th March, the animal man called Chris visited our school to educate us all about different animals. The first animal was a tiny white owl called Alan. He had big eyebrows and orange eyes which means he is not nocturnal and is awake during the day.

Next Chris showed us some hissing cockroaches. I held one and its feet were very tickly.

After that he had a cream corn snake. He said it is a farmer’s best friend as it is good for catching mice and rats. We could have it round our necks. It felt cold, scaly and quite heavy.

Chris also had two legless lizards that looked like snakes, called Princess Peach and Tails. Princess Peach was in a mood and very wriggly. Tails was happy to meet us. Mrs Key held the crested gecko to show us. We could stroke it. It felt soft and liked to jump.

Next Chris showed us a tenrec, it looked a bit like a hedgehog. It did not have much hair and felt very strange when I stroked it.

Finally, we met a skunk who was very lazy and stayed curled up in a ball, asleep while we petted him. The only time he has sprayed was when he was scared at the vets and luckily he didn’t do it with us.

We had a great time meeting Chris and all his animals and we have learned lots about them.


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