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Computing Day

By Dayle and Barney

When Year 6 came into school on Tuesday 13th June, we did an activity on imovie. We had to remake, order and edit a video. The video was about a girl walking into her house. It was a good activity adding sound effects and changing the video to how we wanted.

After we came back into class from our break, we watched another video which was about a boy riding his bike past posts which we had to edit. Then, we had to plan our own story boards. We got to use our imagination and had a lot of fun.

After lunch, we paired up in two’s and then our pairs got into groups. We went outside to film our very own videos. Then we had to edit our video with sound effects, filters and trims.

We enjoyed the day because it taught us a lot of new things on the computer and the making and editing of films.


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