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Football Report

Castlecroft v Uplands

By Mia

On Thursday 9th February Castlecroft’s Girls’ football team went to Uplands School to play a match. The 11 of us were excited to play the game but we knew Uplands were a good team so we had to work hard to get a good result.

Uplands seemed to dominate the first half and were attacking more than defending and as a result, they scored 3 goals.

At half time Mr Morgan made 2 substitutions and gave us a team talk trying to boost us as we were feeling very frustrated as we didn’t agree with all of the referee decisions. There were a few handballs that weren’t given in our favour.

The second half started off well with Castlecroft passing between us more and the game seemed a bit more even. We had more opportunities to score and we were passing a lot better. We had more possession but unfortunately we couldn’t score.

Uplands scored another 2 goals. So the final score was 5-0 to Uplands, which was deserved.

The match was quite equally balanced and I reckon we should have been awarded a penalty, which could have changed the score. Towards the end of the game we played a lot stronger, working better as a team and communicated more.

So hopefully our next match we will score a few more goals and get a win.


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