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Red Nose Day

By Jasleen Susch

On Friday 17th March it was ‘Red Nose Day’. We came to school in red and white clothes but if we didn’t have those colours, any clothes would do. We also brought in a £1 donation to go to the charity.

We did activities for most of the day, our class had to pin the red nose on Mr Nosey, I pinned mine on the end of the board! We also went into the hall with Mr Morgan and did lots of sport activities like dancing, ball games and we also played ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’ with beanbags on our heads and when it was dinner time we had to run away without dropping the beanbag.

We had Red Nose cupcakes with a cherry on the top, cookies and loads more delicious food as we had a special ‘Red Nose Day’ menu at lunchtime.

The Red Noses were made out of paper this year so we could recycle them, two people wore them in our class. I really enjoyed our ‘Red Nose Day’ because we did loads of fun stuff and raised £211 for children who need help.


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