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Singing in the Rain

By Tommy and Billy

At the start of Tuesday 23rd May, Year 4 and 5 were all extremely excited to get ready to go to Queen’s Square in Wolverhampton town centre. We were going to sing in front of an audience. We waited until the end of break before we got onto the coach to take us into town. Everybody was really ecstatic and enthusiastic to sing and see our parents and grandparents. When we arrived, we were met by several other schools from all across Wolverhampton and Birmingham. We sat down in the centre of town waiting for some more schools to arrive before we could start. Then, the lead singer introduced us to his band of musicians.

Before we sang, the singer made us do a quick warm up session, consisting of singing and dancing. Once we were all warmed up and ready to go, we sang the first song, which was ‘What About Us’ by P!nk. Then we followed it with ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins. Next we sang ‘Singing in the Rain’ by Gene Kelly. A lot of people were talking about how sunny it was instead of rainy, which we found funny because the only time it’s not raining, it’s supposed to be!

So far, everyone was really enjoying the singing, especially when it got to their favourite songs. We sang ‘You’re the Voice,’ by John Farnham, after that, they played ‘I am the Music Man’ by the Wolverhampton Music Service (Paul Wilcox). Finally, the last song was ‘Spaceman’ by Sam Ryder. In our opinion, we think everyone enjoyed this song the most because when Paul Wilcox (the lead singer) said that the next song was going to be ‘Spaceman’, everyone cheered.

When we arrived back at school at 12:30, we luckily hadn’t missed our lunchtime.

We were all really tired because of all the singing and dancing we did. We had a really good time and everyone loved the singing.


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