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Wightwick Manor

By Daisy and Zayn

Year 4 walked down in single file to Wightwick Manor on Thursday 18th May. We went on the track first which led us onto the canal. We walked along the canal for a bit, went past the Mermaid and we were at Wightwick Manor.

It is a very impressive old house. We split into groups of five and went around the house to look at all the art, there were hundreds of paintings. A lot of the paintings were by William Morris, he was a very good artist and that’s why his paintings were hanging in Wightwick Manor because they looked really expensive and old fashioned. He also designed wallpaper with repeated patterns.

We had lunch, then walked back to school. It was really fun and exciting having a trip to Wightwick Manor, we learnt a lot of interesting facts about William Morris and his art.


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