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Year 4 Bikeability

By Aurora and Jakob

Year 4 did bikeability on the 24th and 26th of May. We split into two groups, one doing Monday and the other on Wednesday. The instructors were called Dan and Bob, Dan was the leader, he was really nice and Bob was so funny.

The first thing we did was a full bike check. We checked our brakes and our chains to see if they were rusty, if they were we would have to put oil on it. Finally, we made sure our seat wasn’t wobbly.

As we rode around the playground, Dan would shout, “Red!” to stop, “Amber!” to get ready and “Green!” to go. We also played a game called ‘Snake’ going around the cones.

We learnt a lot about road safety and loved riding our bikes. At the end of our bikeability training, all of Year 4 were able to ride their bikes safely.


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