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At Castlecroft Primary School we want our children to understand the potential of technology and start to build computing skills for the future. We want them to become digital creators, using technology to support other areas of their work and lives, and also to understand the responsibilities of being digital consumers on their time, relationships and wellbeing. We know the digital workplace is continuously evolving and want them to grow up knowing and understanding the role of Software Engineers, Video Game Designers, Web Developers and IT consultants in today’s society. At Castlecroft, our Computing curriculum strives to develop resilient, reflective, creative and independent learners. It gives space for children to become “computational thinkers”, tackling complex problems, making mistakes and learning from them. It also engages our children, through the creative use of technology, to prepare pupils for the demands of the 21st century and the technological world that awaits them in the future. As well as the huge potential of technology, we teach our children to understand the challenges and problems it can create. We teach them to become good digital citizens, to know how to stay safe and keep others safe online, to be aware of the need to test out what and who they see and the importance of what they share in creating their own digital footprint.

At Castlecroft, we believe that computing should be embedded across the curriculum enabling children to develop their skills in many forms and in different subjects. Computing is a vital tool for learning and should be creative and productive enabling all learners to excel and succeed. We believe that our engaging and motivating computing curriculum will allow our learners to become digitally literate for lifelong learning in our modern world.

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